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History of Our Church

On the 4th of May, 1952, the Stillwater United Church came into being. Truly a united church, it was created by the consolidation of the Second Baptist, First Methodist, and Schoonmacher Memorial Presbyterian Churches. They were the three Protestant churches then existing in Stillwater, New York.

This remarkable interdenominational union affected the customs, beliefs, and traditions of three separate congregations, long established through nearly two hundred years of coexistence.  From the time the building of the first little rural meeting houses, forces were at work which pointed the way to ultimate union.  Drawn together by the common experiences, like interests, and the supporting of similar causes, the people of all the congregations were brought to a clearer sense of values and a closer Christian fellowship.

The result was that by 1947, when circumstances warned that the three should move more closely together than ever before, the spirit of the people was one of enthusiastic approval; and the first tentative step – federation – was taken.

After four successful years as a federated church, it became apparent that certain disadvantages were inherent in this type of organization – financial, administrative, and denominational. Again, the people were ready for the next step to complete unity. They made the decisions and took the legal procedures necessary to bring it about.

Since that historic day in May, "United" has not only been our name, but it has been our identity.

Today, the active and successful nature of Stillwater United Church reflects the wisdom of its founders. 
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