First Time Visitor?

Entering a new church for the first time can be somewhat daunting and a little intimidating. Churches can be so different and you have no idea what you are walking into! This page is dedicated to making a first visit a pleasant visit by answering the most common questions asked.


Where are you located?  

We are located in the center of the Village of Stillwater on Route 4, right between two pizza shops (Squires and Moreno’s).


Where do I park?

There is a parking lot in back of the church (on Palmer Street). From time to time, the lot will be full. You can then also find parking on the street, either on Palmer Street or on Route 4.


How do I enter the church?

Some people prefer to enter the church through the front doors. If this is your choice, you will find stairs both to the right and to the left once you enter. These stairs will lead you to the back of the sanctuary. Most people prefer to enter the church through the side entrance, which brings you by the church office and the pastor’s office. As you enter the door and proceed down the hall, there will be stairs on your right that lead you to the front of the sanctuary.


Is the church handicap accessible?

Yes! There is a ramp for wheel chairs at the side entrance. There is also an elevator that can take you to any floor in the building. (Wheelchairs and walkers are also available for use.)


Are masks required?

We are following the CDC guidelines.  Therefore, our practices will change as circumstances change.  If masks are required, we have some available at the entrance to the sanctuary.  

What do I wear?

Some people come to church in their Sunday finest. Others dress very casually. However you prefer to dress, you will be warmly welcomed!


What is the service like?

Since the pandemic, we have not been using paper bulletins.  Our service is printed on a screen, and is easy to follow.  


Is there a nursery available?

Children of all ages are welcomed into our service. There is a rocking chair available in the back of the sanctuary for those “fussy” moments that infants sometimes have.


Will I be pressured to join the church?

No! There are visitor cards available in the pews that you are encouraged to fill out. These cards will tell us whether or not you are interested in joining the church, receiving a newsletter, or are in need of a pastoral visit.


Can the service be watched virtually?

Yes!  Our services are broadcasted live on our Facebook page.


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